Regarding PARAS STONE app

PARAS STONE is a platform where you can earn while watching videos & Referring a friend.



First of all you have to download the application from Play Store or by clicking on the link sent to you by the person who told you about this application.

After downloading app you can register on the app with Mobile number.

3 important steps:

  1. After registration you have to subscribe on our YouTube channel, so that you can watch all the helpful videos.
  2. You have to press like and follow button on our Facebook Page, so that you can receive all promotional material regarding this app.
  3. You have to watch the video of our business plan for one minute, which will help you to understand better that how you can earn from our app.

After completing these three steps you will reach on homepage of the application.

How to earn

Now you are ready to collect Stone on Paras Stone App while watching videos.

You have to watch video completely to earn stone. This way your Stone meter reading will start jumping. As you go on watching videos the Stone meter reading will keep on changing that i.e. 1,2,3,4,….100. When your Stone meter reading is on 100/100 then your work of that day is completed.

You can collect more stones by clicking GET MORE STONES button in Paras Stone app.

100 Stone = 5 INR

Become an Associate

Every user have to Purchase our Promotional Tool kit of Rs.999/-(include GST) to Become an Associate.

This Tool kit Includes a T-shirt & a Mask.

Income Slab:

Detail User (Free) Associate (Paid)
1. By watching a video 1 Stone 2 Stone
2. Daily Stone by watching Video 100 Stone 200 Stone
3. First Video Upload per day 10 Stone 20 Stone
4. Refer 1-5 user(Free) per day 10 stone / refer 10 INR / refer
5. Refer 6-9 user(Free) per day 15 stone / refer 15 INR / refer
6. Refer 10 user(Free) per day 30 stone / refer 30 INR / refer
7. Refer Income per Associate 100 INR / associate 100 INR / associate

Important Notes:

  1. You have to collect min. 3000 stones monthly to get Recharge facility.
  2. User / associate can withdraw their INR Amount into their Bank.
  3. User / associate can recharge with Stone Amount. Any user / associate can’t withdraw their stone amount into their Bank.
  4. The minimum payment withdrawal amount should be of rupees 2000.
  5. You have to enter your bank detail, PAN Card photo with detail & complete address to get Payout.
  6. TDS will be deducted on all payments as applicable from time to time. Presently it is 5% with PAN card and 20 % is without PAN Card.
  7. You have to go at ALL REPORTS option to complete KYC, update Bank detail & check reports related to your team and payouts or visit our website that is