Terms & Conditions

By making the use of our android app (PARAS STONE), website (www.parasstone.com), Apple ios app (PARAS STONE), services and advertising programs you agree to abide by the following Terms & Conditions Please read carefully and ensure that you have understood the terms and conditions fully. PARAS STONE SERVICES is free to make revisions, additions or deletions to its terms and conditions without any prior notice. Users are expected to keep themselves updated with the latest terms and conditions of PARAS STONE SERVICES before using its services. The company shall be held responsible for oversight in this regard by the advertisers/users of this website and its advertising programs.

You agree to abide by all the terms and conditions stipulated in this membership agreement. PARAS STONE SERVICES is free to make amendments to this Membership Agreement without any prior information. We will make efforts to reach our associates as and when there is a change in policy and updating the associates of the change by different means.

Associates are free to terminate their account at any stage, if the current terms and conditions or future updates of the terms and conditions are not acceptable to them. By continuing to use the services, you agree to accept the amendments made in the policy.

You are expected to keep yourself updated with the latest terms and conditions by reviewing the policy on a regular basis.

Associate Responsibilities

  • By choosing to use our program, you confirm to use your own name, email address and accurate contact information by the company. You agree that not to use a false identity.
  • Users are not allowed to maintain multiple accounts registered with different mobile numbers.
  • Only one account per device is permitted. To ensure this the system will tracks the IP address.
  • You pledge to keep your username and password combination confidential.
  • Users are free to make changes to their password regularly to ensure better online security and account integrity.
  • User shall report all unauthorized access to their account immediately to PARAS STONE services to ensure for their own safety and the safety of the PARAS STONE network.
  • PARAS STONE Services has full right to terminate the user accounts at its own discretion for reasons such as any inappropriate or illegal use of the account.

Association with PARAS STONE Services:

  • You are in no way entitled to have any partnership, franchise, employment relationship, agency or joint venture with PARAS STONE Services through this agreement. Users do not have any authority to represent PARAS STONE Services at any level, accept or make any offers on behalf of PARAS STONE Services.
  • The user is completely responsible for tax, liability in accured from the revenue generated from or through PARAS STONE Services.


  • PARAS STONE Services cannot be held responsible for any and all loss of profits, business opportunities either direct or indirect, damages that are both incidental and or consequential pertaining to this agreement and or through your use of the website/android app/ ios app.
  • PARAS STONE Services does not make any direct or indirect warranties or representations that the operation of our website/app will be absolutely error free or uninterrupted. The errors that may be present in the website/app or the interruptions that may occur do not make the company liable in any way for the damages or the losses suffered by the user.
  • PARAS STONE Services shall also not be held liable for any losses or damages that results in due to electronic loss of data, malware or virus infection of the user’s PC/Mobile Devices or other digital causes that result from the use of our website/app. PARAS STONE Services is not liable to pay for repairs of any such nature or for virus removal or other damages in all such occasions.
  • It is the responsibly of member or the user takes complete responsibility for their online security including the use of appropriate antivirus and anti-malware software and keeping them up to date.


By using our website and its services you agree that you will indemnify and hold all the stakeholders of PARAS STONE Services including its owners, directors, employees, members and agents harmless from all liabilities and damages including but not limited to attorney fee and other legal expenses.

Use of Third Party Websites:

PARAS STONE Services and its website may feature third-party websites. Users are to click on these links at their own risk and discretion. PARAS STONE Services does not have any control over those third party websites. PARAS STONE Services do not monitor these websites directly or indirectly and also do not watch for their safety or credibility. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the credibility of the third party website links featured here at PARAS STONE Services. We do not endorse any service, website, app, product here at our app & website..

Spam Control:

Users shall not undermine the integrity of our website, services or company by promoting referral links through spamming or unsolicited emails or through the use of any other electronic means. Spamming will result in immediate termination of the account and your membership with the company shall be considered void.

Abuse of Account:

  • PARAS STONE Services prohibits the use of bots or software tools that will undermine the integrity of the services of the website/app.
  • Users shall not have multiple accounts at PARAS STONE Services. Use of multiple accounts by registration through different email addresses will result in immediate termination of all the related accounts. Any account balance at the time of the account termination shall be considered forfeited.
  • PARAS STONE Services at its sole discretion can block any IP, user or member who tries to breach our server through the use of any malpractice including the use of anonymizing VPN or other proxy servers.
  • All accounts that violate our policy will be immediately terminated and all the funds available in account will be forfeited and shall not be credited to the user’s account.
  • The user shall not issue a charge back on any transaction that is completed at PARAS STONE Services. Such events will be considered a cause for account termination.

Intellectual Property Right:

Users agree not to reproduce this websites and or its contents in part of full. Users also agree not to copy, modify or amend the website/app or its contents in any form without the written permission of PARAS STONE Services. The logo, content, statistics any featured and other information presented in this website is protected against the intellectual property right. Users shall not make false claims as the employee, partner or contractor for PARAS STONE Services without written consent and permission.


  • Registration/Joining is Free of Cost.
  • Each associate requires at least 3000 stones (points), to get a Recharge voucher for 24 to 28 days.
  • Recharge voucher Service is dependent on Telecommunication Service Providers. It can be differ and depend on their policies. Recharge Vouchers will be distributed according to revenue generated. In any case if Paras Stone Services did not get any revenue generation then company is not liable distribute the same.
  • Each associate have to purchase a Promotional Tool kit of worth Rs.999/-, to get any commission from Paras Stone Services.
  • Each Green (Paid) associate will got commission according to following slab, after successful registration and login of that person, who is registered by your referral link.
    SLAB Registration in A Day Per Successful Register (in INR)
    1 1-5 10
    2 6-9 15
    3 10 30
  • An independent associate is a commission agent and not the employee of the Company and he will get commission according to his / her work. He/she is not Liable for any salary.
  • Closing will be held on daily 11:59 pm.
  • He / she must be 18+ years of age to register in the company.
  • Ad revenue share income is dependent on third Party online advertising companies. It can be less in a given period and depend on their policies. This Income will be distributed according to revenue generated. In any case if Paras Stone Services did not get any revenue generation then company is not liable distribute the same.
    Paras Stone Services is not liable to show its income generated from any source to anyone.
  • Paras Stone Services cans changes its commission structure from time to time without the consent of anyone and the same has to abide by all.
  • All news & updates will be displayed in notification box.
  • The Minimum withdrawal amount shall be Rs.2000/-.
  • If an associate does not earn any point in a day due to any reason (from company side), he/she cannot held responsible to Paras Stone Services for any loses.
  • No Cash Transactions (Deposit / Withdraw) will be made.
  • Payments will be released through bank only.
  • After withdrawal request, your payments will be transferred within 5 working days.
  • We cannot be held responsible for type of delay in payments due to any reason.
  • 5% TDS will be deducted as per the periling the law of Income Tax, Presently it is 5% with PAN Card and 20% without PAN card.
  • Further these terms and conditions are subjected to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts of Mansa only.

Users are advised to read these terms and conditions carefully.